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PHOTO by Edwin Peralta @edifymediaworks

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Shunsuke "SHUN" Takino

Shun Takino moved to New York City in 2002 from his home in Yokohama, Japan to pursue an education and career in industrial/graphic design. After settling in the Sunset Park and Bay Ridge area of Brooklyn, NY, he was enamored with his new and historic surroundings, and eventually began to photograph them. He wanted to understand the city on multiple levels, realizing that every community in New York City has their own unique history and identity. The camera, he found, was truly an extension of his vision and observation. His intent was and still is to encapsulate his surroundings in the form of a beautiful art piece.

Shun’s work offers unique points of view integrating both the grit and glitter of NYC in his photographs. This includes, for example, exploring the decadent remains of Brooklyn’s maritime industry in Sunset Park, strolling through the streets to capture daily life, flying in the sky to capture the skyscrapers of the City, or taking stunning portraits of people around the city.

A natural teacher, Shun is always willing to share the knowledge of photography he’s attained over the years with those willing to learn. He is genuinely interested in the people and places he shoots, and pours his heart and soul into every image as deeply as he cares about the city he’s called home for fifteen years. He happily finds a balance between the career he left his home for and a promising future in photography.

Shun is fluent in Japanese and English.

Special Thanks to Aaron Jaker & Ledford Bradshaw for their unconditional support.

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Thanks for visiting my website. I'd like to hear your comments for my photography, so please feel free to drop some lines here. I'm available for collaboration with artists, groups, and companies so please feel free to contact me with any inquiries. Prints for some of my work except portraits are available upon request.


08/17/2017 - 10/31/2017
"The Twilight of Bush Terminal" at Greater Astoria Historical Society

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