Shunsuke Takino Photography

Former Brooklyn Heights Railroad Company Powerhouse

This building had been a playground for kids in this area even though there were some homeless people living in the abandoned building.

The building was sold to Empire Electric Building 1951.

"The building was constructed in 1892 by the Brooklyn City Railroad Company for use as a power plant for the municipally owned trolley system"*. And "the building was recognized as a rare surviving prototype for larger power plants built in early 20th century"**. 

*Site No. 224015, Sept. 1012, the Department of Environmental Conservation
**, Department of Historic Preservation of the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning & Historic Preservation at Columbia University

Unfortunately, this iconic landmark in Sunset Park was demolished in the summer 2016.

Unique 1892 Plaque

Unique 1892 Plaque

The final shot.

The final shot.

Right before the demolition in the summer, 2016.